What Is Chef’s Table?

Chef’s Table has quietly emerged as the best documentary-style show on Netflix. At its core, Chef’s Table focuses on telling a story. It showcases some of the best chefs from around the world, whose plates cost much more than the 2 for $20 deal you find at your local Chili’s. These chefs work in or own some of the best restaurants in the entire world. Some are in remote locations that require a lot of effort to travel to them. Others might be untraceable on the Internet, even with a reverse lookup tool.

The show was originally released in April of 2015, and today it has 3 seasons out. The best part about Chef’s Table is that it’s on Netflix, so if you’re already subscribed to it, then you don’t have to go out of your way to watch it. Unless you live close to one of these legendary restaurants and can use a reverse lookup to visit them, you’d probably have to get on a plane to dine with any one of the show’s amazing chefs. The good news is that Chef’s Table brings their stories right to your living room.

Chef’s Table On Netflix

The Incredible Intro Time Lapse

One of the first things that new viewers will notice is the phenomenal time lapse that takes place during the show’s introduction. It features a kitchen and various plates of food, which all serve to show how beautiful their presentation is. Part of what you’ll learn when watching Chef’s Table is that the entire food process is an art. You can see how much creativity goes into every plate that these chefs make.

Chefs From All Over The World

One of the exciting things about Chef’s Table is that it features chefs from all over the world. There are chefs from Mexico, Norway, France, and plenty of other countries. They defy the cultural norms that exist in their area when it comes to food. Many times, through their creativity, they actually bring back some of the truest traditions of their culture, while adding a modern flair to their plates.

Expensive Food

Chef's Table features many dishes.
You can expect to see beautiful dishes like these on Chef’s Table.

Unless you’re prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a dinner meal, don’t get your hopes up too high about dining at the restaurants featured on the show. A dinner for two with any these chefs can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, even just getting to some of these destinations is a process. It can involve looking for an address, using a reverse lookup service, and even booking plane tickets. So it’s not something that can be done on a budget. But if you’re truly inspired by Chef’s Table and are willing to spend what it takes to get there and eat, you can do it.

Chef’s Table France

A spinoff of the original show, Chef’s Table France focuses on chefs who are based in the center of the food world: the country of France. The only problem with this show is that it’s entirely in French. Unless you’re fluent in the language, you’ll need to rely on subtitles. Still, once you’ve already watched all of Chef’s Table, you’ll probably be dying for a chance to watch more.

Chef’s Table is one of the best shows on Netflix, especially if you’re passionate about food and cooking. Log into Netflix today to start learning about some of the most inspiring chefs in the world.


How I Planned My Holidays Easily With Amazon Echo

The holidays used to be the most stressful time of the year for me. I dreaded November 1st because I knew that was the start of two months of crazy stress. I tried to make everything, from the holiday decor to the gifts, perfect for my family. But after I got my Amazon Echo, I figured out how to use Alexa to make my holiday tasks easier. Now, I’m able to relax and spend time with my family while still giving everyone important holiday memories. Here’s how I did it:


Holiday shopping is the worst! I hate spending hours driving around, looking for a parking spot at the mall, just so that you can go to store after store, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Waiting in long lines and dealing with stressed out, and sometimes mean, frantic people was not how I wanted to spend my time. So I asked Alexa to find all of my gifts for me. I was able to easily order them online and have them shipped to my house. Some of them were even already wrapped!

For everything else, though, I told Alexa to order holiday decor, wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, gift boxes, and other supplies. And thanks to Amazon Prime, everything showed up at my door in just two days. I was able to get all of my holiday shopping done quickly and easily.

The Amazon Echo made it easy for me to buy ingredients.
Baking this year was easier than ever, thanks to the Amazon Echo.

Alexa was also a big help when it came to holiday grocery shopping. I simply told her what I needed to make each special holiday dish and she created a holiday grocery list of supplies. I ordered all the food online, then just drove to the store to pick it up. I didn’t even have to pull into a parking spot because the store had a special pickup lane. My grocery shopping was amazingly simple! Best of all, I didn’t forget any essential ingredients. As I looked through my cupboards to see what I already had, I could tell Alexa what I needed.


The second part of the holiday nightmare is usually shipping gifts to friends and family members far away. One year, I stood in line at the post office for two full hours to mail a huge pile of packages. It was terrible.

Then, I discovered that I could weigh my packages and even print postage at home. I invested in a postal scale to make sure the weight of my packages was correct. All I had to do next was use a credit card to buy and print the postage. When all my gifts were ready to go, I had Alexa schedule a post office pickup. A post office mail carrier came right to my door and took all my packages for me. My holiday shipping was all done and I didn’t even have to leave the house. This gave me more time to focus on putting up new holiday decor and making some delicious baked goods.


Amazon Echo Hacks To Make Holiday Parties Better

Holiday party season is almost here. This year, instead of getting stressed out over hosting the perfect holiday party, you can get some much needed help from the Amazon Echo. Its virtual assistant, Alexa, will be your perfect party planner. Alexa can do so many amazing things that you’ll be surprised how helpful the Echo can be when you’re preparing for that perfect holiday evening. Here are just a few Amazon Echo hacks that will make your gatherings a lot less stressful:

Party Playlists

With the Amazon Echo, you can create fantastic holiday playlists filled with festive good cheer. To get the holiday party started, just tell Alexa to play holiday music or a specific playlist. If you and your friends like singing Christmas classics, you can even make a playlist of karaoke tracks. Alexa makes it easy to set up the perfect background music for any dinner or party.


Need to know what’s in a fancy drink? Want to create your own signature holiday cocktail? Alexa can help you with everything, from the size of the perfect pour to the recipes for the most popular holiday cocktails. Let Amazon’s virtual assistant help you become a bartender for your party.

Call An Uber

When your guests have had too much to drink, you don’t want to call a cab company and drag the party down while you wait for their ride. Just tell Alexa to order a ride from Lyft or an Uber instead. You’ll be able to discreetly help your inebriated guests get home safely. As a bonus, they won’t need to spend the night at your house. So you won’t have to cook a big breakfast the next day for stragglers.


Make your party a success.
The Amazon Echo can help you make your party a success.

If you’re cooking some appetizers or fun party food, Alexa can help with that too. With the Amazon Echo Show, Alexa displays recipes right on the screen, so you can be sure you’re getting them right. Amazon’s virtual assistant can also preheat the stove for you if you have a smart kitchen. Plus, you can use Alexa to set timers, check temperatures, and tell you the next step in your recipe. It will even remind you when it’s time to get those snacks out of the oven. Clearly, the Amazon Echo is the best assistant for all of your parties this season.

Cleaning Up

If you use smart plugs with your appliances, Alexa can help you clean up once the party’s over. It can turn on the dishwasher or change the fridge’s temperature to accommodate any leftovers. You can also use Alexa to set your coffee pot’s timer, so you’ll have hot coffee waiting for you as soon as you get up the next day.

Do you have any other Amazon Echo hacks that would work for a party? Contact me and I’ll add them to this list!