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4 Reasons Kids Shouldn’t Use Social Media This Summer

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No Social Media This Summer

It can seem like an impossible task to separate kids from their social media, especially if you have teenagers. But even though social media is a good tool, it’s a good idea to give kids a break from it. The summer is an ideal time to get your kids off their tablets and enjoying the outdoors. Maybe even take road trip with your kids this summer.

Here are 4 reasons to limit your child’s social media:

social media
Kids Swimming Together

Mental Health Break

Kids are under an incredible amount of stress these days. They have peer pressure and school pressure. Being connected to their friends and the rest of the world online doesn’t relieve this stress. Limiting their use for a few months gives them a mental health break so they can just relax and be kids. That includes you too from spying on text messages

Getting Outside 

The summer is when kids should be going out and doing things. They should be kicking a soccer ball, going on family vacations and other fun things during the summer. Then they will have lots of things to share about how they spent the summer later on. Encourage your children to go to camp, ride their bikes, and do other kid things this summer. 

Everyone Needs Free Time

Throughout the school year kids have hectic schedules of activities and studying. And they are connected to social media 24/7 which puts even more pressure on them. Kids need down time to do nothing and relax. That’s how they learn how to process emotions like boredom and manage their own time. Allow them to de-stress and not focus their attention online. 

social media
Girl Sitting At The Beach

No Embarrassing Photos 

Summer is a time for acting goofy and silly. But the photographic evidence of these fun times shouldn’t end up on social media. Encourage your kids to be goofy and silly, but tell them to leave the cell phones at home so that they won’t be tempted to post embarrassing photos. If they are really young you might want to monitor their social media accounts. If you enjoyed this read my other post about where memes come from