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About Me

Welcome to Small House Guide

I love being a mom, love being a wife, and love hearing stories about other peoples relationships and the journeys they take. I am Rebecca Haas and am the author of Small House Guide. For years, I have wanted to start a blog about the many things I have learned over the years. From being a mom, to being a wife and, of course, just being a girl who observes her friends and family. So here I am, starting it up finally and officially. I couldn’t be more excited.

Rebecca is a mommy blogger who loves to share about relationships and family.
Rebecca and her daughter Jemma.

About Me

I went to school at NYU and got my degree in Psychology. Focusing on human behavior was a specialty of mine, and it lead me to many new opportunities, including about the different relationships in life. I have my own practice in Patchogue, NY, and I see patients almost every day. It’s nice to have my own business because I get to be flexible and enjoy all my extra tie with my husband and daughter as possible.

My husband is my rock and supports me in all that I do. He’s aways proud of me, and makes me a happy wife and mother every day. I’m sure you’ll read plenty about him on here too! My daughter Jemma is my life. She’s so sweet and so smart and makes my day bright every day.

Family and life is everything.
My favorite picture of my husband and I when we took pictures on our wedding day, 4 years ago.

What You’ll Read

I have so much to share about the different journeys I took through my life as a single, Psychologist, and then there’s the wife and mother side of me. I am going to share any and all experiences that bring around a light on relationships, love, home life, motherhood. Any of these and more. Honestly, I’m a closet-techie, so don’t be surprised if you see some on here about that too!

If there are any topics you’d like to hear about, please reach out to me and let me know.