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How To Help Someone Trapped On A Bad Date

If you are out at a restaurant or a public event and you see someone trapped in a bad date there are some things that you can do to help them get out of it without making it seem like you’re interfering. And the person that is trapped on the date will probably be very grateful for a little assistance. So if you’re stuck at dinner listening to the world’s worst date going on around you help the person that is suffering through that horror show of a date by doing one of these things:

Alert The Waitstaff

Many restaurants and bars now have programs set up to help people that are bad dates. Quietly let your server or the bartender know that the person at the nearby table looks like they are trapped in a bad situation and could use a hand to get out safely. The waitstaff or the bartender will take it from there.

Get Their Number

If you see the person trapped on a bad getting up to use the restroom go to the restroom yourself. Get their phone number and offer to call with a crisis to give them a chance to escape. I’ve done this for other women who were trapped on terrible dates and it’s worked every single time.

Become Their Long Lost Friend Or Relative

If you see someone looking trapped on a date you can pretend that you know them and go over to the table and hug them or touch their shoulder while saying how good it is to see them again. Then invite them to come and sit at your table and join you for the rest of the meal. This is another foolproof way to rescue someone from a bad date. Someone did this for me once on a terrible date and I’ve been grateful ever since. I even ended up becoming good friends with her.

Create a Distraction

If the person that is on the date is trying to slip away quietly but there doesn’t seem to be a good time for them to go you can create a distraction that will allow them to sneak away. Spill your food on the floor, or spill a drink on their date, or do something else that will momentarily distract the date and the people around them so that the person who wanted to leave can get away. You might be temporarily embarrassed by causing a stir but explain to the server what happened and they will probably be grateful that you took the initiative to help someone else.

Offer To Call Someone For Them

If the person making the date difficult gets up to go to go smoke or go to the restroom offer the person left at the table your phone or offer to call someone for them if they need to call a ride. You can also get them a Lyft or an Uber so that they don’t need to depend on their date for a ride.