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Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.03.15 AMMaximus Extreme Living Solutions build their tiny homes on wheels with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) which are light-weight, have high tensile strength and have “R” values that are off the charts. The manufacturer of the SIP panels estimates that their tiny homes on wheels would be able to withstand temperature dips in 40 to 60 F or below range.

Tiny Home Construction

SIP panels are used in the floors, walls and roof system.  A twenty by eight foot heavy duty, dual axel, steel framed trailer is used as a platform and the roofing utilizes Gako brand synthetic roof system or a commercial grade fifty-year metal roof. Each tiny home has two water containment tanks, one for fresh water and the other other for gray water. Each tank has a one hundred and five gallon capacity.

Their tiny homes do not have the need for a black water tank, since either composting or incinerating toilets are used. Ether Andersen or Millguard brand, low E, Argon gas windows are used. A variety of exterior materials ranging from corrugated metals, custom corbels, rough cut cedar posts, compressed lap boards and composite vertical siding sheets are used.

The interiors are  finished with tongue and groove 4 inch pine, bead-board,  and electrical conduit for functionality, speed and aesthetics.

These tiny homes on wheels are fit for an endless variety of applications, such as mining and oil fields, recreational, tailgating, FEMA and even for “doomsday preppers” to be used as bug-out trailers.

Since Maximus Extreme Living Solutions has a no-load factor on sewer/sewer lift systems, electrical grids, water or gas lines, their homes can be operated for extended periods of time in a completely self-contained mode or utilize conventional hookups.

Builder Name: Maximus Extreme Living
Contact: Stew MacInnes
Email Address:
Phone Number: 801-301-9388
Address: 1193 West Wilson Lane
City: West Haven
State: Utah
ZIP: 84401

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