Reclaimed Space

Have you ever been driving where time seemed to have stood still? Old storefronts, old houses, and old dogs that seem to think it’s ok to sleep in the road? Invariably you see an old farmhouse no longer suitable for habitation and you sigh thinking about it and what will become of it. Well the guys at Reclaimed Space are reclaiming the past and repurposing old building materials and are creating living spaces that are unlike anything we have ever seen; their structures are move-in ready and are very modern yet firmly tied to the past.

Reclaimed Space is forging the future by reclaiming the past. They create artisan, heirloom spaces for sustainable living by repurposing materials from local homes and barns, many with historical and architectural significance. Our spaces are off-grid compatible in functionality and design and are drop-ready delivered.”

Each space is custom designed and built for your needs and specifications. All
interior framing and roofing components consist of new material, while outer facades are reclaimed wood and metal. Each space is energy efficient and comes pre-wired and plumbed. Reclaimed Space employs quality craftsmen and certified installers for all building processes. Upon completion in our facility, the spaces are transported to your site, ready for immediate use.

Reclaimed Space guarantees unrivaled quality. Along with our commitment to ecological responsibility, our spaces are beautifully designed and affordable. Reclaimed Space is proud to deliver custom, masterfully built spaces for sustainable living…anywhere.

Property Details

Reclaimed Space

Builder Name: Reclaimed Space
Contact: Eric Bricker
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 877-897-7223
Address: South Bastrop Highway
City: Austin
State: TX

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