72713_457902891233_3636497_nTwelve3 does small in a big way.

Welcome to the future! Your life is about to get enhanced in an enormously small way.

Their philosophy is that small is beautiful – small homes in particular can offer big advantages, lots of choices, and a simpler lifestyle. They believe that high-tech housing can be affordable, sustainable, and packaged into a small space that remains practical and comfortable.

Twelve3, based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, hopes to change your thinking about the way you live, and the way we all view our communities.
Builder Details


Builder Name: Twelve3
Email Address:
Phone Number: 250-667-0343
Address: #18 5th Street
City: Nanaimo
State: BC

Additional Features:


  1. I love it. I think the headroom is what makes it liveable.

  2. Sandy Stipp says:

    If I were by myself with only my dog I would live in one of these homes in a minute. I absolutely love them. I would find a great acre of land somewhere and plop one right in the middle.

  3. I love it. But I want 16′ and no lift up floor. I’m 5″ 2′ lifting that floor would be a major undertaking.

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