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Rich’s Portable Cabins

383438_402463046539409_1732145622_nRich’s Portable Cabins is a manufacturer and dealer of park model RV’s. Located in North Powder, Oregon, they specialize in custom 8′ wide and larger Park homes. Let Rich and his crew build your next portable cabin. Since 1999, Rich has been building portable cabins and park models for individuals throughout the US. They focus on building the customer’s cabin to the specifications and quality they expect and deserve and they ship to the western states including California and Texas.

The Small House Movement

RPC is part of the movement that promotes small home living concepts. The concept of small/tiny home living include Texas hunting lease cabins, RV park living, tiny/small house living, etc. Through innovation and creativity, RPC’s goal is for mobile homes and cabins to merge proven concepts with new paradigms. They are currently developing partnerships with communities and individuals in select locations throughout the US.

Park Models: They Only Look Expensive

With all the floor plans available, prices start at $17-30K. To save even more money, you have the option of purchasing a shell, and then as it can be afforded, adding other components to complete your cabin.  This allows you to be a part of making your cabin.

For more information, please go to the The Small House Guide Directory or to Rich’s Portable Cabins


  1. I think that your houses awesome of the nicest ones I have seen. I especially appreciate that you have out the pricing information on your page like you have. My plan is to move to the west coast in about three years and live in either a tiny house or an RV. I keep coming back to your page to look at yours and keep planning for the future. I especially liked the Prezi presentation. Keep up the good work!

  2. I would like more information on this. Can someone send something to
    My email?

    • I’ve designed The Small House Guide to showcase small house builders. Please feel free to contact the builder directly and tell them that you saw their company on The Small House Guide! Thank you! Chris

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