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Should You Know Where Your Memes Come From?

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As a mom, I always look into what kind of technology can help us keep kids safe. My little one may be three years old, but I still try to keep up with the tech when I can. In addition, reading and learning about technology that’s written in reviews like Highster Mobile Review just shows how important and persuasive technology is.

What can social media platforms do to short-circuit the trolls and prevent the spread of content sent with malicious intent? There are a few technologies which could possibly be combined to provide social media companies with a way to trace memes back to their source. To do this, we first have to be able to monitor the flow of images between social media platforms. Here’s a rough overview of how that might work, and a few questions about what it might imply for the internet.

Track the Images Between Platforms

Seems like, any meme-tracker must be able to track images as they are shared across different social media platforms. Facebook can easily monitor images that are shared within Facebook. However, once that image has been downloaded and re-posted on Pinterest or Twitter, Facebook’s ability to track it is limited. How can images be tracked between platforms?

Ingredient 1: Steganography

The first ingredient in a meme tracker uses something called Steganography – a fancy word for encoding data in images. Much like how spy apps shared in Highster Mobile Review. Digital steganographers can secretly embed special data into images which can be used to trace them as they move around the web. 

By itself, embedding a URL isn’t enough. As a result, a clever hacker could easily delete a single URL from the chain to break the chain. Most of all, this would doom any chances of following the links back to the source. They could even include fake URLs which link back to a fake source. This would convince someone that the image is legitimate. To prevent this, we need the second ingredient – tech that comes from the blockchain.

Ingredient 2: “Blockchain” Technology

You have probably heard of the “blockchain” used only in conjunction with bitcoin, which is another cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just applications of a nifty algorithm used to build up a “chain” of pieces of data called “blocks”. Blockchains make use of some special math to ensure that the break can be detected. In other words, the entire chain can be validated to ensure that every link along the chain is legitimate. 

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Bitcoins is just one kind of cryptocurrencies.


In addition, he more important thing is to ask questions like “How does a meme tracker work?” also asking “How might a meme tracker change things?” Do you want people knowing which website that picture you shared came from? Would you be willing to share an “untrusted” image? 

With any new internet technology comes a trade-off between privacy and security. In conclusion, the Highster Mobile Review will share that information, which is good to know for the future. Also, it’s up to us to decide whether the benefits of a meme tracker could outweigh the risks. What do you think?